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Retargeting visitors (Remarketing)

Retargeting (remarketing) management services

"Retargeting" is an approach that lets you show selected ads to potential clients that have already visited your website or used your mobile app, but who have not made the purchase you think they could.

Our retargeting campaigns work by tracking your visitors and displaying relevant remarketing ads as they browse websites and social media networks. Find out how can our retargeting management service can help you to increase your ROI.

If your current retargeting management team isn’t delivering the results you need, let PPC Hippo evaluate your retargeting campaign for free. We can tell you what it will take to correct the problems with your current remarketing campaign, or if it may be necessary to set up a new retargeting campaign and how we can help.

Our team can evaluate your current retargeting campaign for free!

How we will maximize your ROI with retargeting management service 5 Reasons

What Makes Us Different?

  • Show ads to your to potential clients as they browse websites and social media networks
  • Create customized remarketing ads that are catered to visitors based on their past shopping patterns, including items they have added to their shopping carts, or suggested products they might like based on previous purchases made.
  • Segment your audience by engagement (example, people who visited specific category or products). Right People, Right Ads, Right Places.
  • Give you visibility into how your remarketing campaigns are performing, where your ads are showing, and what price you're paying
  • Optimize your remarketing campaigns, monitors, tests so it boost your ROI

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